Northwest Premier Benefits

Introducing the Northwest Premier Account

Bank Northwest is excited to introduce its newest account benefits package, the Northwest Premier Account.  With identity theft on the rise, the benefits provided through the Northwest Premier Account can protect you and your reputation.  Benefits include:

Total Identity Monitoring – Covers the monitoring of credit fraud as well as, utilities, medical, investment and others.  According to the FTC 70% of identity theft is not credit related.

Credit Scores – You will receive quarterly VantageScore 3.0 credit scores.  This allows customers to keep track of their credit health and identify any potential credit bureau reporting errors.

Expense Reimbursement and Case Management – If an incident of identity theft is discovered, a personalized recovery plan is created with a recovery advocate.  Protection of up to $25,000 per incident is provided for recovery work. Subject to term limits and sub limits.  Response time is one business day.

SecureMobile – The protection plan for your smartphone for loss, theft, burglary, cracked screen and water damage.  Up to $1,000 is provided and your claim is reimbursed based on the current market value of the device at the time of the claim. Repose time is the next business day.  The SecureMobile is valid through the successful enrollment through the SecureMobile App. The plan has a 30-day waiting period after successful enrollment.

Roadside & Locksmith Advantage – Annual limits are $100 for each service annual.

If you have additional questions please visit  or call your local Bank Northwest office.